In 1814, God led a searching preacher to the Clark's Landing settlement on Long Creek to start a church in an area where boat was the main mode of travel.  Encouraged by the enthusiasm of the people, the young preacher began holding services in a grove near the mouth of Riley's Creek.  Soon the entire community was focused on building a one-room log structure that would be Riley's Creek Baptist Church.  This building accommodated the fellowship until 1870, when a gift of land was given to the church that would move the meeting place to a more central location.  That second building, which housed the congregation until 1933, was located just to the left of the present church buildings in the roadway of what is now Clarks Landing Road.  As the  community and church membership grew, another building was constructed on the present property; additions have been made over the years as need has arisen.  Our heritage is rich.  But the richest part of Riley's Creek history remains the people who are committed to spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For only what's done for Christ will stand.