We believe that... 

The Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God. 

The Holy Trinity is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

God the Father is our Creator. As our Creator, God gives us steadfast love, power to sustain us in our daily living, and joy in discovering His perfect will for our lives individually and as a church family. 

Christ Jesus, the Son of God and Son of Man, is our Savior. Only through faith in our Savior are our sins forgiven. Our faith then grows in hope and love and is expressed through obedient service. 

The Holy Spirit is our constant companion and guide. As such, the Holy Spirit provides wisdom, comfort, encouragement and guidance in our Christian growth.

As believers in the body of Christ, we covenant with each other to live in harmony; accept God's will for our lives; provide prayer, encouragement, and support to one another through love, compassion, caring, understanding and acceptance; promote openness of mind, heart, and soul to God's unfolding revelation for us in a changing world; and reach out in love, forgiveness and acceptance to non-believers just as God reached out to us through Jesus His Son.

Baptist Faith & Message